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Connecticut Divorce & Family Law Attorney 

If you have just been served with divorce papers, or you are considering filing for divorce, or you are embroiled in another type of family law conflict, you likely feel overwhelmed about your future & what it holds. Attorney Martin will guide you through the conflict & the challenges that face you & she will assist you in every step in working toward resolving your financial and personal issues.

Family Law Attorney Representing Clients throughout Connecticut

Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

How to Avoid Divorce Litigation

Most people contemplating divorce do not want to go to trial to resolve issues in their personal life. Most cases can be resolved without a trial. Attorney Martin is committed to resolving cases without court intervention through alternative dispute resolution methods and offers her clients two such non-adversarial approaches: mediated and collaborative divorce. Both methods minimize the negative economic . . .

avoid divorce litigation

Attorney Martin offers her clients two cost-effective and time-saving alternatives to divorce litigation: mediation and collaborative divorce.

Family Law Practice Areas & Services

Attorney Martin’s background includes 30+ years experience in complex divorce and family law cases.

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Connecticut Family Mediation LLC

2 Professionals = Successful Conflict Resolution

Since 1996 Connecticut Family Mediation offers an effective, sensitive, and affordable approach to addressing family law conflicts that are often worsened when exposed to the court system. We believe that a team of two professionals – Attorney Kathy Martin and psychologist Dr. Mark Lucyk – is more effective and efficient than one mediator.


Attorney Kathy Martin

Attorney Martin’s work representing parties & minor children has influenced her belief that skillful mediation can resolve even the most difficult family law disputes.

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Why You Should Choose
Connecticut Family Mediation

  • We provide a safe, comfortable and private environment and we strive to maintain an atmosphere of fairness and mutual respect
  • Couples who resolve their disputes through mediation have a greater likelihood of honoring their agreements. More importantly, reduction of conflict means less negative impact on the parties and their children.
  • The combination of 2 mediators, an attorney + a psychologist, is UNBEATABLE when parties get “stuck” on an emotionally charged issue

More About CT Family Mediation

mark l

Mark Lucyk Ph.d.

Dr Lucyk’s experience in private practice provides him with the understanding and skills to resolve divorce and family conflicts.

Meet Dr Mark Lucyk